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How to Analyse and Audit a Google AdWords PPC Account

It is simply the most powerful paid advertising platform for search online. With over 91% of the search engine market share, Google is without a doubt, the indisputable champion of all time. As a result, it's only normal that every company on earth wants a piece of the action on the first page of Google either by using AdWords PPC paid advertising or organic search marketing. Let's face it, if your website is not showing up on the first page of Google for any given keyword query in your industry, you can forget about acquiring new clients on this platform. Using the AdWords platform As we all know, with power comes complexity and learning curves before one can show noteworthy accomplishment. AdWords can make you or break you depending on your skills at managing your campaigns. Let's face it, companies don't want to lose money in the process of buying paid advertising to acquire more leads. The main purpose of any business is to grow and make a profit. At the end of the

True Status of Most Internet Marketers Revealed in Survey

To be a successful internet marketer you need a list that you can market to and the bigger your list the more you can potentially earn. A survey carried out by expert Internet Marketer Jason Dinner produced some shocking results. Out of the 1,900 surveyed 58.1% said that they were not building an opt-in list. For the 41.9% of those who were building an opt-in list here are the results of their list sizes: a) 0 - 56.9% b) 1-500 - 28.1% c) 501-1000 - 4.8% d) 1001-2500 - 3.6% e) 2501-5000 - 1.3% f) 5000 or more - 5.2% So over 50% of those who were attempting to build a list still had no subscribers and of those who had a list, the majority had a relatively small list ranging from 1-500 persons. The results to the question of how much money the average person was making online were as follows: a) $0 - 51.7% b) $1-$500 - 35.3% c) $501-$1000 - 5.3% d) $1001-$2500 - 3.0% e) $2501-$5000 - 0.6% f) $5000 or more - 4.1% In other words, just over 50% of people online earn nothing on a monthly basi

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Attract Repeat Customers

The old saying is true - in many businesses, 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers!! So how does a new Internet business attract and retain your pool of loyal customers that will put 80% of your sales in your pocket month after month? We'll address that very question here based on our experiences in starting a Internet retail clothing business and help you avoid some of our 'lessons-learned' along the way. (1) Think Marketing from Day One! First off, having a solid marketing plan (and yes, thinking about marketing) before you even create your first web page is an important first step. If you market your products well in the beginning and think through your marketing plan, focusing on how you will present your products (i.e., quality pictures, good descriptive text) and how your site will convey to the first time user a sense of trust, then you will find that you can jump start your repeat business right from the beginning of your Internet marketing efforts. Reme

Brand Identity? Catch The Eyes Of Patients Searching for Info Online

Brand identity plays a significant role in any business development. Branding your medical practice with a catchy name, symbol or logo will set you apart from the fierce competition. It's the backbone of who you are as a practitioner and what kind of services you offer. Creating a recognizable brand with the consistent use of colors, images, and text inspires confidence among patients. They will value your medical services rather than going to another practitioner. Brand management is fundamental in creating decisive affiliation with the medical services you wish to advertise. The aim of brand recognition is to create devoted customers, and you can attract them when you deliver the right message. Plus, you can highlight how your practice is distinguished from competitors. When patients have recognized your services, it is important to continuously set yourself apart from fellow practitioners as they are trying to do the same. However, to achieve your practice goals, you need t