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Medical Spa Local Online Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Medical Spa

There has been a significant rise in the number of med spas over the last decade. A medical spa offers a comprehensive range of services such as personal care treatments, massages, facials, Botox injections and so on. So, what makes your medical spa different from the others? Why should people choose you over the others? As the number of med spas has risen sharply, so has the competition. Marketing a medical spa becomes even more important. Structuring a medical spa-marketing plan that best describes your services is a great way to start. A marketing plan will take your med spa in the right direction to attract more clients. Advertise your medical spa services in the local newspapers and magazines. Distribute brochures and pamphlets. Television advertisements can help you reach a bigger audience. Make use of online marketing and create a custom website to advertise your med spa services. Today, people search for med spa services over the Internet. Employ professional web develo

Google AdWords Quality Score, Ad Ranking and Ad Placement

Actual Google ad placement within the Google Search Engine is determined by a combination of three overall considerations. First, is the maximum bid per click amount set by the advertiser on a relevant keyword - so a $4 bid on a keyword or keyword phrase used within a user query with all other things being equal, will be the ad seen by the user of the Google information searcher if other bid maximums are of lessor amounts. The "Click Through Rate" or CTR formulas, built by Google after looking at the performance histories of millions of keyword clicks over time plays a big part in determining Keyword relevance and bid amounts and your landing page's "Quality Score" in relation to this so I discuss Quality Score next. The Quality Score - which is comprised of several things. Google wants to show users relevant, quality content so they have built a weighting factor called the "Quality Score" that ultimately is multiplied against the maximum bid amount se

How To Create Engaging Your Audience with Video Content

Marketing methods appear and disappear over the years, and so do their levels of effectiveness. One strategy to building your business that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon is video. By next year it's estimated that video will account for at least 80% of worldwide internet traffic. But there's more to video content than watching funny cat videos. To create engaging video content that your audience genuinely want to watch requires a number of key elements if you're going to get the best out of this powerful marketing technique. Know Your Target Audience Before you start thinking about your video content, you need to really understand who your target audience is. You can't say "all married men" or "all moms" or "all dads" or "all" anything. You need to narrow down your target market so that you have an audience that is genuinely receptive to what you share with them. Know Your Objectives As well as knowi

Getting SEO Services To Boost Your Website Traffic

If you want to make your online business known to a lot of people, online promotion is key. Your business on the internet will not automatically generate website traffic. You have to create a strategy so that people would know you exist online and capture the market share that you want to have. To be able to do this, it helps to do a mix of traditional and online promotion although working around a limited amount of resources might make this a tricky thing for you to follow. Traditionally, new businesses are being advertised using these media: TV, radio, and print ad. Admittedly, all of these media can be quite expensive especially ad placements on TV. With print ads, you can do away with creating brochures and posters which you can give away to strategically identified locations. In contrast, online promotions can turn out to be cheaper. You can either do it on your own or hire the services of an SEO company to do the work for you. You might ask, what is an SEO company and why should

Are Facebook Fans Really Spending More on Brands They "Like"?

Facebook provides a place for socializing and keeping track of friends and family. Studies suggest that Facebook also offers a medium for businesses and individuals that are interested in developing their brand and obtaining more exposure for their products. With this opportunity available, companies have joined the bandwagon to get their brand name on Facebook and encourage their fans to click on the "like" button to build up their brand reputation. It seems this reputation building technique is actually working, too. In a recent study, Syncapse, a marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, reported that fans on Facebook that "liked" products are far more likely to spend more on those brands than people who have not clicked the "like" button. Curious to see what the real statistics were, Syncapse decided to do a full study called "The Value of a Facebook Fan: An Empirical Review". Six areas of consumer behaviors were focused on in

Generating Targeted Traffic By Means Of Articles You Write

One of the best ways in which you can amp up the volume of traffic coming into your site is through article writing. People often go online to find the information they need. There's a thirst for knowledge that only the internet could provide. So if you want to make your website talk about what your business can do and what sets you apart from the competition, you can use article writing to do just that. But writing them alone may not be that powerful given the other websites who do the same. You can also utilize the usability of article directories to stretch out your ideas and information. Article directories are like free repositories of information. They are often already heavily indexed on several search engine sites so when you use keywords or ask questions on the internet search engine, they are often the first ones to pop up in the results area. Article directories are usually accessible for free but employ strict rules. Actually, the stricter the rules are, the better it i

Amp Up Your Website Traffic Through Article Writing

People often go online because they need information. While it's true that more and more people now go online because they need to pass time, most of them still seek information to keep them company and to prevent themselves from getting bored. Even people who are wired on the internet accomplishing different tasks still find themselves typing up keywords on search engines every so often. This just explains why every website always comes up with newly updated content and articles on them. The articles you put into your site can definitely amp up your website traffic in a lot of different ways. One of the main reasons why you should keep articles flowing in your site is SEO or search engine optimization. This strategy rests heavily upon the use of keywords within your site. When you have an article, it immediately ensures you that the keywords you have targeted for use on your website will definitely be used accordingly. Without an article, you will have no definite place to have th