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How to become an expert in Article Writing

One of the easiest ways to gain expert status - at no cost - is to have your own byline. A published article promotes your expertise, your products, and your services. And writing articles is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your Web site. Getting started... Now you may be thinking two things: I can't write... and what would I say if I could write. If you can talk, you can write. And if you know anything at all about your business, then you have lots to talk about. What questions are you hearing about your products or services? What are your answers? This can be the foundation of your article. Or how has your product or service benefited others? What else can you do with it? What's unique to your field that no other type of industry can offer? Start by writing down all your thoughts, questions, and answers. You'll be amazed as the ideas begin to flow and it won't take long before you find several topics to write about. If you're concerned that you can't