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It's All About Local Search When it Comes to Orthodontic Marketing on the Internet

With today's tech savvy generations unwilling to take the time to pick up a newspaper, read a magazine, or use the yellow pages when looking for local businesses... it's no surprise that Local Search on the Internet has all but killed the yellow pages. It is now one of the preferred forms of gathering information when researching local products and services. Much has been written lately on the importance of Local Search. It allows you to quickly search results by neighborhood, city, state, or zip code. It is the ideal format for small businesses and professional practices to serve customers/patients who market in a limited demographic. Your primary goal when marketing your orthodontic or dental practice is to reach out to your local demographic, not the Internet in general. This is where many websites fall short with their SEO (search engine optimization) coding. A patient seeking an orthodontic treatment provider in Chicago isn't going to find your website if it isn't