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Why Is It Important for Small Businesses to Go Online?

Going online or establishing a web presence is one of the important aspects most ignored by small businesses. Even in a developed country like the US, it is shocking to note that more than half of the small businesses do not have a business website, despite high penetration and usage of the Internet. Many industry experts opine that, it is ignorance among the small business owners regarding the benefits of small businesses that is making them stay away from such an effective method of business promotion. This article discusses why small businesses should not overlook online market and how important it is for them to go online. The Down Trend of Traditional Media Gone are the days when people used to search phone books and newspapers to find businesses. Phone book listing has become less effective as very few people refer to them anymore. If you are still using the same old methods, your advertising expenditure is just going in vain. Your Prospects Are Looking for You on Internet As per