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Four Reasons Why Knowing Less Can Make You More Money

Needless to say, given the title, this business secret is counterintuitive. Everywhere you look in the marketing world, people are telling you that you have to know everything about your product or service so that you can sell it better, more effectively, with more enthusiasm. And while that's important, it doesn't hold a candle to prospect knowledge. I believe it's more important to understand the people you're selling to and what they want than it is to understand the features of what you're selling. I have four reasons for this. Reason #1: So you won't get so bogged down in all the details. Reason #2: So you can stay excited about the main advantages of whatever you're selling, directing your focus towards the end results achieved by using it. Reason #3: So you can take care of the prospect's potential objections with a strong risk-reversal guarantee that makes it easy for them to back out if they're not happy. If you're with a prospect and t

What are the benefits of Retina Ready Websites

When we look at our screens, sometimes we can see the individual pixels. Try taking a look at Now with responsive design and the workings of tablets and other devices, I can pinch an image to make it smaller or double tap my screen to increase the size of the page. On websites that are not retina ready, pages will look awfully pixelated and blurry in their normal state as well as when page sizes are increased. Retina ready websites, along with the devices, allow you to see more pixels per square inch. Therefore, your trained eye sees a very smooth, high quality image or element and no distortion. Becoming retina ready is done with some CSS and Javascript. However, for images, they are created at least double the size that they’ll be shown online. Sharper images: As we’ve already talked about, the entire idea of the retina ready technology is to give us sharper images. The idea behind retina ready is to create something that would look as sharp as it would in print. Colors are vivid and

Important Tips for Attracting More Visitors to Your Travel Website

Do you currently operate a travel website that is doing poorly on Google and other search engines? Would you like to find out how to improve your website's Google rankings and bring in more visitors? If you answered 'yes' to these questions, then this article is for you. You will discover the secret strategies that have propelled your competition to the top of Google and other search engines despite the fierce challenges they have faced. Let's start our journey into the world of travel SEO. One of the most obvious areas in which many travel websites waver is the idea of multi language support. Many travelers simply aren't comfortable enough with the English language to use it for things as important as making travelling and spending decisions. Therefore, open up your market base by having your website translated into other languages. Some of the most common languages used by international tourists include French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Japanese. If your part