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How to Get Your Real Estate Website a Higher Rank on Google

Would you link to see your real estate website show up closer to the top spot while doing a Google search? Are you wondering what a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert can do for your website? If you are interested in any of these questions, you are sure to be interested in this article. Continue on to discover the 4 steps that a real estate SEO company can perform on your website to improve its ranking on Google. Typically, one of the first steps any SEO company will perform on a client's website is to generate back links from other high quality websites. Back links are simply links from other websites that point to your website. The most important ingredient in this step is not how many back links you have, but the popularity of the websites that you are linking from. For example, if your website is featured in a major news article, it is considered to be of a greater value by search engines like Google, compared to a back link from a typical person's personal homepage. I