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What Makes Online Presence Essential for Small Businesses?

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), out of 7 billion global population in 2011, 2.26 billion population (one third of the world's population inhabiting the planet) is using the Internet, which is a stunning 500% increase from 360 million Internet users in 2000. Therefore, by not having a website, businesses are ignoring the entire online population as well as losing valuable business opportunities. Many large businesses have already understood this situation and have made their online debut in the last decade. But small businesses, which are often worried about their investments are still lagging behind in creating their online presence. They do not understand the importance of online presence and hence, ignore it outright. This article clearly explains the need of online presence for these businesses. Can Target Local Audience Howsoever small a business is, it focuses on the local audience to start with. As people are spending more time on the Internet, i