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How to know how to turn a guy on?

Want to know how to turn a guy on? It’s pretty easy, actually…

Breakfast Microblogging Service Twitter Revolution

Whether it's fomenting revolution or telling people what you had for breakfast microblogging service Twitter seems to have it all. Now, New York City's enterprising mobile food vendors are using the instant messaging website to help their hoards of hungry followers stay tuned to their favorite delicacies. Kim Ima, owner of the Treats Truck, which serves up caramel creme sandwiches, sugar cookies with icing, and other diet busting delights, uses Twitter to stay in touch with her 3,000 fans. "For someone like Kim with St. Patrick's Day Parade on Wednesday, she wasn't sure if she was going to park here. So with Twitter she was able to provide location updates and we knew where to find her," said customer EJ Cory. Twitter allows users to enter messages from a computer or mobile phone, which are instantly transmitted to other users who choose to read their "tweets." The service riles some, who say it encourages people to post irrelevant details about thei

Facebook Vs Twitter Which is Better Social Media Marketing

The goal was to determine which of these social media marketing strategy platforms Facebook verse Twitter provide the best results for the specific needs of your online businesses. Monitoring Traffic and User Metrics Facebook has a large advantage due to its sheer size, traffic volume and metrics such as sites linking in. Facebook is now only second to Google based on Alexa rankings and on a few select dates has surpassed Google. However, Twitter has surpassed 10 billion Tweets and is rapidly closing in on the 20 Billion Tweet bench mark. Demonstrating a significant rate of growth. Various Viral Marketing Benefits Twitter was declared to have the advantage because it's required to have a large amount of followers to rapidly gain significant viral marketing results. Partly aided by Google's 'Real Time' search feature which streams live Tweets for various keyword search phrases at different times. Additionally, you can directly measure the viral effectiveness of your Twee