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How To Win Links

How To Win Links As with virtually every aspect in SEO, there are multiple areas of this single field. If there were one hard-and-fast answer to link building we would all be ranking highly on Google and the top 10 would be a VERY crowded place. Fortunately this isn’t the case and the rankings are becoming more and more a Darwinist exercise in “survival of the fittest” (which is how it should be). Proper link building will help you be the fittest and, over time, influence engines. If you have a site in any competition level above “low” you will want to use at least two different methods for building links. Aside from speeding up the link building process this will help insure your site withstands changes in the way link values are calculated. While there are far too many methods for building links than can be listed here (and there are some that launch so far into the black hat tactics that I wouldn’t want to), here are some of the main link building methods you should consider using:

What is SEO? In simple business terms

SEO! is all about analyzing the worlds biggest library??? that's Google!!! So just start analyzing yourself in the shoes of a librarian, surrounded with billions and billions of books, news papers, comics and all the stuff that are a part of library. Also consider 1. a library has books related  to a particular topic from authors located across the globe, and why Google ranks author "X" to you and author "Y" to some others? 2. For s specific topic there are books with different volumes of pages. Why Google ranks  product "A" and not product "B" even if the size of product B is more. Inviting your comments...