True Status of Most Internet Marketers Revealed in Survey

To be a successful internet marketer you need a list that you can market to and the bigger your list the more you can potentially earn. A survey carried out by expert Internet Marketer Jason Dinner produced some shocking results.

Out of the 1,900 surveyed 58.1% said that they were not building an opt-in list. For the 41.9% of those who were building an opt-in list here are the results of their list sizes:

a) 0 - 56.9%
b) 1-500 - 28.1%
c) 501-1000 - 4.8%
d) 1001-2500 - 3.6%
e) 2501-5000 - 1.3%
f) 5000 or more - 5.2%

So over 50% of those who were attempting to build a list still had no subscribers and of those who had a list, the majority had a relatively small list ranging from 1-500 persons.
The results to the question of how much money the average person was making online were as follows:

a) $0 - 51.7%
b) $1-$500 - 35.3%
c) $501-$1000 - 5.3%
d) $1001-$2500 - 3.0%
e) $2501-$5000 - 0.6%
f) $5000 or more - 4.1%

In other words, just over 50% of people online earn nothing on a monthly basis and 35.3% earn just $1-$500 which is hardly enough to retire on.

Just 4.1% of those surveyed earned in excess of $5,000 per month. Notice the close correlation of these statistics to the fact that just 3-4% of the world's population earn 97% of its entire wealth?
So what prevents people from making money online?

Something which is an advantage as well as a disadvantage is that the Internet is that it is highly accessible and the entry level to start an online business is very low. However, this also makes the Internet a very competitive environment.

The Internet is also a rapidly changing and growing environment. If you're not prepared to continually learn and improve you will be rapidly left behind.

Earlier I mentioned the importance of having a list but generally in order to build a list you need to have a website. Website building can be a huge stumbling block for many getting started online.
Yet, website building and design, file transfer, copywriting are just some of the challenges that a newbie faces. It can be a daunting prospect which is why it is important to identify your strengths and learn how to outsource the things you're not good at doing.

You finally get your website up but we all know that it's not a case of build it and they will come. If you don't advertise your website then no one will even know it's there. It will be just another piece of virtual real estate lost in the wilderness of cyberspace.

You need traffic generation strategies but you have to be careful because the one thing that can cripple you is being accused of sending spam. This is why you not only need to build a list but it has to be an opt-in list, i.e. the people on your list have consented to receive information from you.

So you've:
1. Built a website,
2. Generated traffic to your site, and
3. Built a list

But you still haven't made any money. This is because you now need to build a relationship with your list and you have to ensure that whatever you do offer them is great value for money and that you balance your sales pitches with simply giving value.


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