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Why Google SEO Is a Necessary Component of Google SEM

If one were to look at the world of Google superficially, one would think that all that they had to do was sign up for a Google AdWords account and they could then place advertisements for a website and Google would put their ads in favorable spots in search engine results so that fees could be earned on PPC clicks and people would come to your website where you could then sell your products and services to this increased traffic to make a profit. They would be mistaken. Google looks at many things about you and your site behind the scenes to determine whether or not your attempt at advertising with them will be rewarded with favorable positioning as you spend advertising budgets with them - and these things mostly have to do with SEO. The first thing you need to realize when advertising on Google is what Google's prime objectives are and one of the key things here is that they are looking to put quality search result content in front of those using their search engine. They want c

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook To Maximise Your Marketing ROI

"How do I advertise on Facebook?"  "How much do Facebook ads cost?" These are the questions that come out of most people's mouths before they run a Facebook advert - more than likely they won't convert if they aren't doing their research. Many marketers promote their business to everyone in the world, without targeting the right people. Or they won't put a daily spend limit on their business to know when to stop advertising (so they bled themselves dry) Even worse, if you have no guidance on how to promote your business on Facebook, then you don't know how much money you can spend per lead they get in order to turn a profit! The truth is, running Facebook adverts can very quickly deplete your bank balance if you don't know what you're doing. Same applies if you go to Vegas though! The bottom line is, you can't just throw money at advertising and hope to get traffic/leads. You need a clearly defined goal as well as knowing who you want

6 Tips for Doctors to Promote a Healthcare Practice Blog

Blogging is considered one of the result driven internet-marketing tools with easy accessibility. A recent survey showed 86% of healthcare professionals willing to generate content in the form of blog posts to provide medical information. With the advent of Web 2.0 platforms like WordPress, LiveJournal, Weebly, Blogger, blogs can be created without much of a hassle. But the biggest hindrance is the marketing aspect. Without adequate internet marketing, your blog won't be able to withstand serious competition. In order to make the most of your healthcare blog, you need not rely on existing patients. Instead, you should explore all avenues available on the internet on how to encourage users to read your content. Follow these simple yet effective guidelines to increase your online reach and generate a constant flow of patients: Enticing Titles Title content matters a lot because it is this, which attracts readers. It must be relevant and encouraging enough to catch the eyes

Quality Traffic Equals Quality Customers!

Any increase in web traffic is a great 'ego boost' to any business website builder. However, an increase in traffic doesn't always equal an increase in quality customers! In fact a sudden increase in your web traffic can often significantly interfere with your web stats and in particular your visitor to new sales conversion ratio. When the 'quality' of traffic isn't good enough to turn enough visitors into paying customers, then this can become very demoralising and it's just like owning a shop with a whole load of timewasters visiting every day. There are plenty of immediate ways of significantly boosting traffic to a website, some more legitimate than others. Google AdWords is obviously totally legitimate as are any of the similar 'pay per click' advertising programs with the leading search engines. However, be prepared to pay 50 cents a click and unless you are selling a high value product or service which has a lot of profit; pay per click advert

5 Ways To Improve Your Business Blog

When it comes to running a business blog, you need to set yours with the premise of sharing info about the company and product apprises. But hold on, your blog is far more than this, your blog has the potential to reach out to as many people as possible if tweaked with a few things include the following items: Informative Content Your blog should be sharing company news, but it should also be working to put ahead as you thought the leader in your industry. For example, your business in fashion related therefore your blog should be about discussing new trends, even in the industry and sharing the inspirational posts to inspire users via click through. Post Daily A blog that is being posted daily as compared to the one that doesn't display daily gets noticed. So to keep your blog interesting for audience and search engines keep posting on it daily. Twice a week it is an ideal amount and if you can write posts based on regular themes that are even better. Do Your Keyword Search Keywor

What Next For Your Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an excellent way to improve customer engagement, raise awareness of your brand and improve your search engine rankings. Videos get more interaction than text and are shared more often. They are quick to create and a great way to promote your products. people like watching videos but your video marketing strategy needs variety. If you keep making the same types of videos, your audience is going to become bored with them. Having a variety of different types of videos will keep your viewers interested and build your audience faster. Here are 5 ways you can spice up your video content. 1. Live Events You can record live events such as Google Hangouts and Facebook Live and get people to ask questions about your business. Then you can post them later as videos. Not only will you get viewers live, but you'll also get viewers later when you post the recording. With a little editing, it can even be sold inside of other products or given away as a high value fr