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How Car Dealers Can Repair Their Online Reputation

This one is one of the most overlooked and important parts of any Internet Strategy. You can be listed high on Google and other search engines, do social marketing, but if there are bad things said about you or your business online, you have to act. Search engine results are almost like credit ratings these days. The problem is that most individuals or businesses who are victims of character defamation and bad reviews are not even aware of it. First, you should begin to run your name and the name of your business and key employees through Google to see if anything negative comes up. Once you have an overview, you should set up Google alerts for all relevant names you want to monitor. Google will inform you by email, every time a new listing with your business or individual name will be indexed. If you are victim of anything negative that comes up in searches, you have several options. -Contact the search engines to take it out of their searches -Contact the site webmaster ask them to t

Building Auto Dealership Brand Awareness Using Banner Ads

Online banners are increasingly being used by small businesses because of the benefits they offer. Banner ads or display ads are a useful tool to promote auto dealerships online. This article briefly discusses how they help auto dealerships build brand awareness, and things to consider when buying banner ads. How banner ads help build brand awareness Advertising online using banner ads is simple, cost effective and easy to execute. It helps businesses beyond attracting traffic. Your banner is exposed to all the visitors of a publisher's website and improves traffic to your website. Even if they do not click on the ad, it will make your brand known to the publisher's website visitors. Furthermore, banners also help your customers/prospects easily to know any offer, deal, event, etc. you are offering. Thus they help improve build brand awareness, and over time convert visitors into customers. Things to consider Banner ads help your auto dealership business get more customers and

Mobile Website or Mobile App - What to Choose for Your Automotive Dealership?

The amount of people using smartphones in the United States underlines the importance of mobile compatible applications for businesses. But what should you choose - a mobile app or mobile website? This article discusses the issue with a focus on automobile dealership businesses. Before discussing which one is better, let us see the key differences between a mobile website and an app. Mobile website: It is very similar to a regular website, except for the fact that the site is optimized for smart phones and other hand held devices. Just like regular websites, these websites will have text, images, videos, etc. Mobile app: It is just a mobile compatible application that must be downloaded and installed on mobile devices to operate. Few of them are web-enabled, the others are not. Some will have content that can be accessed without Internet connection. For instance, an app designed for your auto dealership includes appointment scheduling, product searches, special offers, etc. Compariso

10 Problems Lawyers Face in Marketing Their Practice

Too often lawyers forget that they are in business. It is not enough just to set up shop and expect clients to somehow find you. It takes a lot more to let the world know you exist, that you have great skills and will do an excellent job for your clients. But, unfortunately you can't do a great job for clients that don't know about you. This is where good marketing comes in. When you look around and see successful practitioners in your field, you can safely assume they have effective marketing methods that helped them build a viable practice. The most effective method of building and sustaining an active business is a mix of networking, referrals and marketing. For most lawyers, the first two-networking and referrals are the most natural to manage. Marketing, however, is more difficult to master and many lawyers don't know how to do it well. Indeed, many make mistakes that can cost them time, money and clients. Below is a list of 10 problems and sometimes mistakes lawyers m