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7 Ways to Get Referrals for Your Law Firm

For many attorneys, referrals are a significant and comfortable method for new business. Client referrals are satisfying as the implication is that the referring client is confident in your work and was happy with the outcome. Another method of referral is from a colleague, usually referred to as lawyer-to-lawyer referrals. Research by LexisNexis found that 26 percent of a U.S. law firm's income typically comes from referred work. However, it is not practical to rely only on attorney referrals. Developing a multi-pronged approach for referrals requires several methods which require continued attention. Many lawyers assume that all satisfied clients will refer friends. Unfortunately, it happens less often than they would like. Lawyers need to be pro-active in order to gain referrals and build a practice. We researched the best methods for building an effective referral process: 1. Ask While this seems obvious, it is not used often enough. Even for those who do ask for referrals, the

How to Construct a Healthcare Digital Marketing Plan

Even in this 21st Century, many physicians believe marketing is just putting an advertisement in the local newspaper, renovating the waiting room or conducting a direct mailing to people in the community. But, this is not a logical approach and you will not be able to accomplish anything. The key to successful practice marketing incorporates with designing a strategic marketing plan comprising your specific goals and their implementation methods. The plan serves as a road map to assist you achieve practice success. There are major steps required to develop a well-crafted, strategic marketing plan. Define your Goals Once you have decided to make your practice noticeable, you need to take some tough decisions and set practical and accessible goals to achieve over a specific time period. The time span allows you to concentrate on activities around community events. For instance, you can sponsor a marathon to spread awareness about breast cancer or speak at the annual health fair. On