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Importance of Mobile Website Customization for Automotive Dealers

Car buyers like to be informed about the vehicles or services you offer before they step into your dealership. They like to go into a dealership knowing as much information as possible about the product or service they're planning to buy. Today, most car buyers are researching on the Internet before buying vehicles or accessories. According to a 'Capgemini Cars Online 09-10' survey, almost 90 percent of consumers today use the Internet to research vehicles. Nearly 40 percent would like to buy a car over the Internet, and half would purchase parts and accessories online. Moreover, mobile web access in the US is growing fast. With an increase in mobile device usage for online transactions, mobile websites are becoming a necessity for many car dealerships to leverage new opportunities on Internet. Some of the main reasons for a car dealer to optimize website to be mobile-friendly are: Continuous growth of online users There is no need to further mention the growth of Internet

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

Becoming a doctor is a great thing when your passion is to help people by saving their lives. It is evident from the fact that doctors today, using the most advanced and cutting edge technology are able to save many more lives. There are numerous doctors who do not fully understand the concept of social media which can improve the count of patients at their respective clinics. Social media plays a vital role when it comes to marketing your practice and fetching more patients. Connecting with your patients outside the hospital or clinic can be an uphill task. A lot more doctors use Facebook, Medical Blogs and even Twitter accounts to contact their patients. This is proving to be beneficial as the doctors are pretty well marketed and they can provide in-depth knowledge of their practice area via these social networking sites. Apart from this, doctors can use various cost-effective methods to stay connected with their current patients. Many patients today are social media friendly.

5 Steps To Starting With Video Marketing

Often the first thing that you think of when it comes to video marketing is fear. Fear of the cost, fear of being on camera and fear of no technical knowledge. However, video marketing is really not all that scary. Here are 5 steps on getting started with video marketing. Step 1. Choose A Product To Sell Obviously, your first step is to choose the best product or service to sell to your target audience. Make sure that you have something with a proven sales record in a market that you are enthusiastic about. If you find the product boring or uninteresting, it will come across in your video. You can sell a product as an affiliate or you produce your own product. 2. Get a YouTube Account Building a YouTube account to upload your videos online is as easy as setting up an email account. You input your information, pick a user name and password, answer a few questions and you're all set to go. Check in your email account and click on the link and you will be registered and after

What Google Looks For in Good Organic Content

Now, before I give you the strategy I am personally using, I've been using with my clients, and I will model with the dissemination of this content, for full disclosure here, I want to share as well Google's official guide to creating content and promoting it, I've included the link near the end of this article. Now I imagine if you read that, you will think, how will following those guidelines give me an advantage over people who are trying to manipulate Google? Here's the reason: the algorithms are now doing a great job of recognizing a wide range or markers and giving higher rankings to site that do a little of all the right things, instead of doing one or two things on a huge scale. For example, instead of buying 1000 links from one company, which triggers all kinds of " lower the ranking of that page" signals in Google, instead get multiple individual sites to link to your content naturally. And the formula I'll share with you in a moment will make th

What Makes For Successful Keyword Research

Making sure that your website is targeting the most effective keywords for your business is essential for any SEO campaign. This is how your website will be found amongst the millions like it and also how it will attract readers and customers. When setting up a website, many business owners are attempting to perform keyword research, with the very best intentions, but without the understanding of a few vital points. This article outlines these points so that you can start finding keywords that will be most beneficial to your business. The Best Ways to Research Your Keywords Make Time The first thing to do when beginning your keyword research is to make time for it. Actually put some time aside to spend doing some real research. Keyword research does take time and if it's rushed through you won't be getting the best words for your business. When choosing keywords, if you ever think 'that'll do', it probably means that it won't do, and you need to do a bit more re

Plastic Surgery Professionals: Why Launch Your Own App?

Marketing has many avenues, all helpful if executed properly. There are a myriad of apps (applications) available to remind us to go to the market, call Mom, log errands, put gas in the car, checking your bank account and catch up on TV shows, so why not an app to connect with your plastic surgery clients regarding their surgery and follow-up? Makes sense, right? So when building your plastic surgery marketing plan with your marketing company, be sure to talk to your consultants about including an app with your practice. What is an App? An app is a software program created to perform a specific purpose. It is self-contained and can be downloaded onto a desktop or mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications. Most apps are designed for both Apple and Android phones as well as for desktop operating systems. When a user opens an application, it runs inside the operating system until they close it. Ho