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Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN) Practice Branding and Marketing

Marketing an OB/GYN practice is a sensitive subject considering the issues involved in it. OB/GYN marketing is distinctive in nature as the target audience is specific and the topic can be a little bit insubstantial. The reason why OB/GYN marketing is different from other practice's marketing is that women are uncomfortable discussing their issues in the open. However, this very reason makes OB/GYN marketing all the more important. You have to be very careful of the fact that you don't contravene delicate boundaries with your marketing efforts. Here's how you can market your OB/GYN practice successfully. 1. One advantage as a gynecologist you get is you don't have to identify the target audience. Having said that, you need to build up credibility for your practice. Why should women trust your practice? Creating a practice logo and advertising through brochures and pamphlets will take care of your brand identity. Women are circumspect of talking about their health p

Best Online Marketing Strategies for Hospitals

Every year, hundreds of private medical clinics open up giving hospitals a run for their money. In order to withstand tough competition, hospitals have embarked on marketing campaign to improve public awareness. The motive is simple, to draw new patients and retain the existing ones. However, hospitals are finding it hard to combat, what is called fierce rivalry between them and private clinics. Few hospitals have managed to carve a niche for themselves, but reality is that at bigger scale, patients are turning towards private clinics for treatment. Why? Simply because private practices offer same treatment at lower costs. In addition, they use modern technology to lure patients. As a hospital authority, in such scenario, you bound to have sleepless nights. Do not worry. New marketing strategies have come up to give you new lease of life. • What's the point of marketing when you don't have a website for your hospital? A website is one of the powerful marketing strategies t