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Online Dental Marketing Vs Traditional Dental Marketing

A dental clinic has to attract customers just like every other business. The way that they go about attracting those customers can mean the difference between a really successful dental clinic, and a dental clinic that struggles to pay their bills. The two basic methods of advertisement for these clinics is the online dental marketing and the traditional dental marketing. Each type of marketing has its good points, and each type has its drawbacks. It is recommended that a combination of the two types of marketing be used in order for a clinic to reach the most people. Online Dental Marketing • Includes websites, social media sites, forum discussions, and online classified sections of papers and magazines • Is cheaper than most forms of traditional dental marketing. You pay a monthly hosting fee for your website but you do not have to renew the advertisements each month like you have to do with traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines, and periodicals • Reaches a potentially end

How To Market and Grow Your Dental Practice

I went to see a potential client the other week, when he called me he was very upset, his revenues had fallen from around £50,000 per month to under £30,000. He was putting his grandchildren through private education didn't know how he was going to continue paying the fees. In addition to this he had recently invested in a Cerec machine, he was taking on an orthodontist; he offers both implants and aesthetics. He had a new practice manager (which he didn't trust), he was also just completing a Six Month Smile course, which he would shortly be offering to his patients. We had a very good meeting, we seemed on the face of it to get on with each other. I asked him what he was currently doing to market all the above, his answer was that he had tried leaflets and they hadn't worked. He was getting no business from his web site and He didn't have the time or the skill sets to do anything else, so he had effectively given up on marketing his practice. I asked him how he though