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Five Basic Steps to Consider When Creating a Successful Internet Orthodontic Marketing Campaign

Setting up a plan is the first step to any successful program, no matter what it is. In any professional practice, there are five basic steps to set the stage for Internet orthodontic and dental marketing success. Evaluate your website for correct demographic SEO coding and updated user-friendly website design. This is necessary whether you currently have a site or are designing one for the first time. SEO and website design are the foundation of any Internet marketing campaign, just like quality customer service and good delivery of treatment with the latest technology is the foundation of your business plan. Your website is the hub of your Internet marketing strategy. If your website looks old and outdated and cannot be found, in the "eyes of a consumer", it is a poor reflection on you even if it is not a true representation of your practice. Patient perception is based on the reality of your website design and indicates to viewers who you are and what your are all about. A

Hidden Advantages of Orthodontic Marketing With Video

Every orthodontic marketing program today should include video marketing on YouTube on one subject or another. While many of us equate the popularity of our video orthodontic marketing tactics with views and click through rates, let's take a moment to consider other advantages which might be considered to have value when promoting your practice with video. Sure... tracking new patient referrals off the Internet and conversion rates are valuable, but what else is there? Who and how many: When talking about video views on YouTube or other video sites, there are two pieces that are no brainers. "How many" actually viewed the video is good info for tracking ROI, while "Who" boils down to whether or not the video is being seen in your demographics. Marketing to your demographics is where the true hidden value comes in. If your viewers are professionals such as dentists, dental specialists, physicians, or teachers, coaches, and parents in your local area, PR could res