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Why You Should NEVER Sell By Price

You've probably seen hundreds of businesses claim to offer the lowest prices in their marketplaces. Well, maybe they do -- but for most marketers, even making that claim is a HUGE mistake. People who focus on price will never be loyal to you, because the money is all they care about. They'll jump from supplier to supplier, the way hookers jump from bed to bed. You may hate that analogy, but I believe it's something you'll never forget -- which is why I used it. It may not be PC, but it's accurate and memorable! Price buyers just aren't loyal, and you're looking for loyal customers who will stay with you for the longest possible time and spend the maximum amount of money. One of my best business friends is my printer, Steve Harshbarger. I've given Steve millions of dollars worth of printing business for almost 20 years, because he's an extremely honest man and I trust him. He'll go out of his way to do everything possible to serve his clients in e

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Travel Websites

Do you own a travel company website? Are you getting frustrated because trying to rank your site highly on Google is very difficult? There is already too much competition from mega companies like world-class hotels, global airliners, and rental companies. To overcome these hurdles, and move your website to the top, you need to implement the widely used online strategy of search engine optimization (SEO). This refers to the practice of adding or modifying content on your site to make your web pages more inviting to Google and other search engines. SEO for travel websites is a particularly competitive field, and therefore, requires unique solutions that are not commonly found in normal search engine optimization plans. So, just what exactly are these unique search engine optimization strategies for travel websites? Let's find out. One of the most effective tips for improving any travel website's ranking on search engines is by narrowing down the focus of any particular webpage to