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The Importance of SEO to Auto Dealerships

Paid advertising on search engines can be a valuable asset. If your dealership's website isn't showing up on the first page of relevant search engine result pages - SERPs - then running a paid advertising campaign is a surefire way to ensure that your dealership is visible at the top of SERPs. But increasingly we are seeing that consumers are more likely to click organic listings than advertisements. According to 87% of all clicks in search engines come from organic listings. If you are a dealership and you haven't looked in to Search Engine Optimization - SEO - then you could be losing valuable leads every time your website isn't showing up in relevant SERPs. Here are a few basic SEO tips to get you started: Keywords The keywords that you use on your website are often the first ingredient in getting started with SEO. The keywords you use will greatly impact how people searching for your dealership will find your site. For example if you are a Buick deal