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Are Your Videos Lacking Views on YouTube?

Do you wish there was a way to get your YouTube video noticed and increase you view count dramatically? If you answered yes, to both questions, then I can help you. There is one simple trick that will bring your video from nowhere to the front page. Before I get into that, you have to apply video optimization to your videos. YouTube is like a search engine, ironically owned by Google. Getting on the front page of YouTube is a lot easier to get, than on the front page of any search engine. Why is that? Easy, not too many people know how to video optimize correctly. Like SEO, optimizing your videos is a formula, and if you apply it correctly, you will see a big difference. There are 4 key elements to optimizing your videos for YouTube, or any other video sharing website. Moreover, this may not work for all video sharing websites, this is primarily for YouTube. Keyword Research Keyword research is so important, to gain maximum exposure. If you are not using the keywords or terms that view