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What is a good Online Marketing Strategy?

Whether offline or online, there are only two things that matter: “Buying” and “Selling” . Basically, to simplify, it all comes down to this: •    Who is your customer? What is he or she specifically looking for? You must know their problems or desires. You must be in their shoes and find out what is that would make them feel better (an offer). •    What is your offer? Why should they buy from you? How come you’re better than the rest? Why should they trust you? Are you offering your own or someone else’s product? How will you create an irresistible offer so they beg you to sell it to them? Think about it… There are millions of people buying online every single day. If they’re not buying from you then whose fault is that - theirs or yours? Before you even start creating online marketing  strategy for your website(s), you need to do a research. That’s where it all begins actually. Just like in any business, you have to understand where you are and what can you do. #1 Phase - Online Res