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How to get Started with Blogging/ WebBlog. Its Simplicity and Advantages

Today blogging has become a phenomenon, and for good reason. Blogs give individuals the ability to communicate to mass audiences whenever they feel the urge in a simple manner. This ability is what makes blogging truly unique - not requiring any technical knowledge of web development, design, or management. Maintaining or posting to a blog is very rewarding a carries a variety of benefits, here are just a few: 1. Blogs are easy to create . Unlike starting your own website, weblogs can be created in just a few minutes. Sites like Blogger allow you to register and start your own blog for free. All you need is an email and a topic to start blogging about. 2. Blogs provide a dialogue with prospects, customers, and friends. Blogs are now being used as a communication vehicle to share important information with customers. Because blogs can be updated in real time, businesses are finding weblogs to be one of the quickest and most accurate ways to distribute their message. 3. Blogs are here t

Why Most Small and Medium Sized Businesses Fail To Survive

A report by Dun and Bradstreet has revealed that small business failure has increased by 40% over the last three years. Another report by the US Small Business Administration has observed that over 50% of small businesses are failing in the first five years. It cannot be just a case of misfortune that so many firms are losing ground permanently. Let us go through some of the reasons why small and medium sized businesses fail to survive. Poor Planning Innovation and planning are essential for a successful business. The pre-planning that is done before setting up a business has to be exhaustive. A business owner with a systematic and methodical approach will ensure proper implementation of the plan to meet the business goals. Most of the small firms falter at this step and get started without any plan or future projection and end up nowhere near where they had expected. Avoid Technology Technology today can complement a small business in many ways. Small businesses can put automated acco