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How To Take Advantage Of Your Competition

When people market their business, they pay little attention to their competition. However, they can learn a lot from them. Your competition plays a large role in your business and in your marketing efforts, so don't ignore them. There is an old saying, "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer". In this case, your enemy is your competition. You shouldn't look at your competition as an enemy, but, as a guide or a valuable tool. Your competition can be an asset to your business. I want you to think about this for a minute, your competition is like having a one stop shopping center, they have it all. Let me give you an example, take a look at your fearsome indirect competition, they have it all. They may have targeted an area of the market that you've missed, on the web that's not hard to do. Who Are Their Link Partners One day when I was analyzing my competition I immediately noticed something about their link partners, a lot of them were different, bu

Alexa Website Ranking Factors

For example on this earth 10,000 people have Alexa toolbar. What it does is that it keep recording browsing history of those people everyday and stores on their huge databases. Lets say, Alexa have to track visitor statistics of twitter. It will watch how many of those 10,000 people who visit twitter. Now Alexa founded out that approximately 73 people out of 10k visits twitter. Hence Alexa calculated  what we call visitor percentage or reach. Visitor percentage = 7.3% Now, Total number of internet users in world = 2 billion Hence total number of twitter visitors came out to be = 7.3% of 2 billion. = 146 million visitors / day  Now, in same way it calculates visitors of other websites and prepares ranking chart. Conclusion This helps me in concluding that Alexa ranks sites from users who how what is Alexa. i.e  visitors with one common interests . They are generally bloggers or webmasters. Now let’s analyze how it effects Alexa rankings for Blog with a particular category. Its been seen

How to determine the cost of SEO services

The SEO cost a website owner believes to be an expense is actually an investment for the future. Optimizing your rankings within search engines provides for a slew of sales potentials because you will be one of the first sites a netizen will see after typing in specific keywords or phrases. High rankings mean high volumes of visitor traffic. Therefore, the search engine optimization cost is a crucial need, but what are the total charges? Learning how much search engine optimization cost factors will be depends on some good questions you will have to answer. 1) What exact services are you in the market for? As you research several agencies, think about what you want to spend on. While shopping around for search engine optimization expenses, educated consumers will compare one provider to another in terms of available services. Do you wish to include article submissions to online directories? Are you going to seek help regarding a blog you own which complements your main website? Will yo