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Facebook Visited More Times Than Google in 2010!

According to a new report released by Experion Hitwise, a leading online intelligence company, Facebook has displaced Google in overall page visits for 2010 and retained the first position in most searched terms for the second year running. The search term "Facebook" and it variants appear four times in the top ten most-searched terms amongst Internet users in the United States. Combined, Facebook related search terms accounted for 3.48% of searches. Up from ninth place in 2009, "Facebook login" took second place this year. Two of the four Facebook search terms in the top ten were the actual URL itself, "" and "" taking the sixth and ninth spots respectively. This statistic is interesting because it shows the average Internet users low level of technical prowess. The report did not provide any insight as to why people search for a URL rather than typing it into the address bar a few pixels up the screen. Most mo