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SEO 101 - Understanding Online Marketing Basics

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the new hero in marketing. Done the right way, it can bring you truck loads of genuine business and who can say no to that? So, where do you start? Recognise the unique qualities of your business and do some research. Find out what your customers want. What are they saying about similar products/services? Are they happy with what's available on the market? But most of all, find out how they are looking for what they want. This is the fundamental approach in search engine optimisation. If you own a car dealership, your potential customers could be looking for any of the following. 1) cars for sale 2) new cars for sale 3) used cars for sale 4) car dealer 5) buy a car There could be hundreds of other words and phrases they use to find a suitable place to buy a car. The point here is to understand that a customer is searching to satisfy a need and if you know what that need is and how they look for it, you're on your way. What happens next? So yo

Leading Car Retailers Are Reaping Serious Benefits From Online Marketing

Why Should Auto Retailers Use Online Marketing Rather Than Offline Advertising? 'Over 75% of consumers when searching for the nearest local car retailer start their research online' - (Jim Rucker- TK productions-chief marketing executive. July 2009) 'When searching for a car retailer consumers use search engines 3 times more often than TV, radio, and newspapers ... combined!' ( Major car retailers no longer see a policy of injecting huge amounts capital into traditional means of offline advertising as the best avenue of promotion. Many are are now focused on an interactive internet marketing strategy. This year Fords main marketing aim has been to bolstered their online presence which has seen websites, online ads, and social media meshing with their product line and positioning. Other leading automobile companies are following this trend as CMR interactive noted and has listed Toyota, Honda and Ford amongst the top ten spenders on online marketing. Car