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Social Media and Its Influence in Google's Search Results

Welcome to the Social Search era. Back in February, Google announced it was going customize the search experience with it's new Google Social Search. As an average user, I like the concept, but as a marketer and SEO, I don't at all. Social media is playing a major role in your search engine marketing and it's results. Are the results your being delivered fairly? I say no, you are being delivered two sets of search results. I'll explain why, in a few minutes. But first, I want to explain the two different results, and how they effect you. The two results you are being delivered are Social Media results, and the Traditional Search results. As I like to say, your log in and log out of Google account results. Google's Social Search / Logged In If you have a Google account, and you are currently logged in, you will be delivered search results tailored around your and your circle of friends likes. What this does is give your likes and your circle of friends likes, a prior

Top Ten SEO Mistakes of Dealer Websites-Used Car Dealers Specifically

1.) Sites Made Entirely Out Of Flash As any SEO will tell you, or nearly any web designer with the slightest knowledge about the behavior of search engine spiders, designing a site entirely in flash is a recipe for disaster. As search engines become more sophisticated, the game of search engine optimization has become more complex....indeed, the process of becoming a highly ranked site has become quite a complex task. But at the most basic level, sites designed in flash are essentially invisible to search engines. A large component of determining the relevancy of a site by a search engine spider lies in the spiderability (ability of the spider to crawl) of high quality, keyword rich content. In the car industry, there are literally thousands of keywords that can be built into a website to dramatically increase traffic. In west palm beach alone, the location of a used car dealership I am currently in the process of optimizing for, there are literally hundreds of car related keywords whi

Can New Patients Find Your Orthodontic Or Dental Website in Less Than 10 Seconds?

Internet Web 2.0 Marketing For Dental Professionals Blows The Doors Off Traditional Orthodontic Marketing. I was watching the news this morning and a banner popped up across the bottom of my TV announcing that Paul Newman was dead. That was all it said. Since he and Robert Redford have always been two of my favorite actors... I wanted more info. None was forthcoming on the TV which was very frustrating. How could they say he was dead and not say when, why or how? So what did I do? Went to the Internet, typed in "Paul Newman dead" and within 5 seconds, an entire page of links showed up on Google to access what happened. In less than one minute I discovered he died at 83 from cancer and was able to access 100's of glowing articles on his career, philanthropic efforts, car racing etc. My point...In today's society, when a consumer is informed they need dental or medical treatment...what do they do? Depending upon the curiosity of the patient, they either head for the Int