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Which email format is more effective to use, Text or HTML?

A good question, many experts have been debating over for awhile now, is which email format is more effective. It all depends on who you ask, many people prefer the text format over the HTML format. There are also many people who would rather use HTML over the text format. You can pretty much draw a line right down the middle between the text users and the HTML users, it's that close. The truth of the matter is that the most effective format to use for your email really depends on the offer you're presenting. Both text and HTML email formats have their advantages and disadvantages. In this article I am going to go over the advantages and disadvantages of text and HTML email formats. Let's jump right in and start with the format text. Text Obviously the real advantage to using a text format is that you have a white background with black font making it very easy to read. The text format loads fast, no matter what size the email is. If the email loads fast and is easy to read

Simple tips for Website Design and Developers

Simple tips for Website Design and Developers Make sure you create a simple website design, as they get easily loaded are easily accessible to search engines. Try to use frames to the lowest extent possible in you website design as robots mind difficult to crawl them. Make sure you put us unique meta tags to help search engines to determine each page separately. Try to get relevant keywords to the page titles in relevant to the content of the web page. Try to maintain around 65 characters for the page titles.